NEW YORK - Teachers at the Hunter College Campus Schools are demanding stricter COVID-19 safety protocols.

This comes after they say two kindergarten teachers and two students in separate classroom pods tested positive for coronavirus.

According to CUNY, one kindergarten class made up of two small pods was impacted and is quarantined at home until next Monday.

They say the school building was closed last Thursday and Friday for deep cleaning and reopened Monday.

But the union representing the Hunter teachers and CUNY faculty and staff says protocols clearly aren't working.

"Hunter needs to admit that there is a transmission crisis at the Campus Schools and start implementing every available safety protocol to make sure the crisis does not deepen,” the union said in a statement.

They want the procedures which are in place at other city public schools to be implemented at HCCS.

Department of Education schools with linked cases in two separate classrooms would be required to close while the transmission is investigated.

But since the Hunter Schools are run by CUNY's Hunter College, they're not legally bound to DOE safety standards for COVID.