For years, Governor Cuomo has fielded questions about his presidential ambitions. Now, the questions are about serving in a possible Biden administration – as U.S. Attorney General.

On theToday show Monday, Cuomo at first danced around the question when asked what he’d say to Biden if he was offered the job.

What You Need To Know

  • A published report floated the prospect of Biden naming Cuomo as U.S. Attorney General

  • Cuomo said on the Today show: "I have no interest in going into Washington”

  • Cuomo is a longtime friend of Biden’s, and won national acclaim for his coronavirus briefings

  • Cuomo is currently making the media rounds promoting his new book, American Crisis

“I would say, you are an old friend,” Cuomo said. “You are a good friend. You’re going to win this election. You’re going to be the president. I’ll help you any way I can."

He added: “I'm a New Yorker. I said I would serve as governor."

The latest chatter stemmed from a report on the news site Axios, which said the National Governors Association (NGA) was already making contingency plans in the event Cuomo has to step down as chairman. It also cited Democratic donors saying Cuomo was being pushed for the job and that Biden would consider him.

The NGA had no comment Monday. But the scenario seems at least plausible, given Cuomo's prior experience as state attorney general, his long friendship with Biden and the national profile and acclaim he earned with his daily coronavirus briefings.

When pressed further, Cuomo was more dismissive of the idea.

"I have no interest in going into Washington,” he said. “I said when this COVID situation started, just so I had total credibility with the people of this state: I'm not running for president, I'm not running for vice president, I don't want to go to Washington."

It’s arguable whether U.S. Attorney General would be much of a step up for Cuomo, who is now serving his third term as governor, with plans to run for a fourth in 2022.

Cuomo previously served in Bill Clinton’s Cabinet as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Still, it's hard to imagine Cuomo minds the questions all that much, considering he's currently doing the media rounds promoting his new book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.” 

The book is being released Tuesday, and the rumors about Attorney General certainly couldn’t hurt sales.