A caravan of Trump supporters stopped traffic on Fifth Avenue for roughly an hour Sunday morning. 

About 100 cars lined up in front of Trump Tower, spanning from 56th Street up past 59th Street.

What You Need To Know

  • On Sunday morning, about 100 cars lined up in front of Trump Tower in support of the president

  • The group stopped traffic on Fifth Avenue for about an hour

  • Supporters of the president said they need to continue campaigning for the president while he is sidelined with COVID-19

"We are out here supporting our president, supporting the police, peacefully,” said one man wearing a “Re-elect Trump” hat.

Supporters of the president waved Trump 2020 and Make American Great Again flags while stopping to chant "back the blue" and "four more years."

"We are showing support for the president in a place they tell you doesn't have support, so we brought the support for him. That is what we are going to do on November 3rd. We are going to bring him the support and flip New York State red,” said rally organizer Shawn Farash.

Farash said the showing of support was organized on Facebook. 

He said the majority of those who showed up are from Long Island, but said some people from the city and parts of upstate New York met them at Trump Tower to join.

The majority of those attending the rally were not wearing masks.

We asked if President Trump's recent diagnosis with the coronavirus had any bearing on their decision to go maskless.

"I can't live my life in fear like that,” explained one Trump supporter. “I am a little risky."

Trump supporters said that with the president off the campaign trail while battling the coronavirus, it is their duty to continue campaigning for him.

"He's down right now on the mend. We are the campaign and we are not going to stop,” one supporter explained.

The group said they were dropping off food and water at a food pantry before going to another rally on Long Island. 

Their message to the president was loud and clear, though: get well soon and they will handle the campaigning for him while he is sidelined.