The State Chief Administrative Judge just issued a memo Wednesday extending the ban on marshals serving residential evictions until October 1.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order last week extending it until September 4, but the court is amending its rules through the end of next month.

The Legal Aid Society has been sounding the alarm about the impending crisis, warning that about 14,000 New Yorkers were served with eviction warrants prior to the pandemic hitting the city. 

“Well, I had a big sigh of relief after the court’s statements last week that things were, that the status quo remained, but it might change at any moment to know that we have until October 1 until we might see any evictions, it was gratifying,” said Ellen Davidson, a staff attorney for the Legal Aid Society.

In addition, the revised court procedure continues to suspend eviction proceedings filed on or after March 17, but cases filed before March 17 may proceed.

The court notes that the October 1 eviction ban deadline could be extended depending on what action state or federal lawmakers may take.