A new lawsuit is accusing the NYPD of violating the rights of its employees with warrant-less subpoenas.

Former police officer Efrain Santiago is the plaintiff in the suit.

He claims the NYPD has long discriminated against Hispanic and Black officers with fraudulent investigations.

Santiago was an officer from 1998 to 2018.

In his suit, he claims Internal Affairs illegally obtained his phone records while investigating him for doing side-work as a chauffeur.

In 2014, Santiago was charged with associating with a felon and had his pay docked.

He claims that the fraudulent subpoenas, lacking the proper signature from a judge, violated officers' right to privacy.

The lawsuit also alleges warrant-less subpoenas were used against journalists to prevent leaks to the press.

In a statement, the NYPD said it will review the lawsuit but added, "Any assertion that the NYPD uses fake documents to elicit information it can legally obtain through long established and legally accepted avenues is baseless."