The pandemic has forced musicians and artists to find new ways to reach people, but that’s not a problem for an Upper West Side couple, who are bringing joy through music to a lot of little ones and their caregivers.

Rachel Griffin, a preschool music teacher, and her husband Aron Acurseo, the associate music director for Aladdin on Broadway, created “Songs for Littles,” a free, interactive music class.

"I had always wanted to create free music education videos for kids who don't have access to music education,” said Griffin. “Then the pandemic hit, I became especially passionate about this idea, to do free music education videos on youtube.”

Together, with musician Jules Hoffman and Herbie the puppet, they are making kids squeal with delight.

The songs encourage the kids to move and dance, and all while learning at the same time.

Rachel, Aron and Jules say the thank you letters they've received after each free class mean so much. 

You can check out their youtube channel, titled “Songs for Littles.” They're also on Facebook and Instagram.

As a thank you to healthcare workers, renowned Italian sculptor Sergio Furnari and artist Agata Surma created a symbol of hope with their life-sized sculpture of a healthcare worker praying.

It's in front of Grimaldi's Restaurant at 18th Street and 6th Avenue.

Grimaldi's has been giving free food to essential workers for months.

The statue took 400 hours, four months to create, and cost $25,000.

In August, Furnari and Surma will debut their female healthcare worker monument in front of various hospitals in the city.

"This is a monument to every American hero who everyday went out there to help people that they don't even know,” said Furnari.

They're finishing it now at their Long Island City studio.

If you want to make a donation their go fund me page, search “heroes monument.”