For the fifth straight day protesters are camped outside City Hall demanding cuts to police funding.




Since Tuesday, Occupy City Hall has camped outside in lower Manhattan calling for the NYPD's budget to be reduced by $1 billion.

Protesters have designated the area police free, and say officers have been keeping their distance.



Volunteers are there to hand out hand sanitizer and masks.

The protesters say they're outraged over police brutality and racial injustices across the country and won't let rain or heat deter their message.

"Everybody's really dealing and going through the motions together and this is very therapeutic,” said one protester.

“We're not tired, we're not exhausted and these things need to happen. These things need to be shown to the world that it is not ok for us to go back to a state of normalcy, for us to be in a position where we have to be out here for hours and days on end, sleep and food deprived and taking care of one-another, for there to be justice and equality in our system and in America,” said another.

The NYPD's annual budget is typically more than $6 billion.

Demonstrators want $1 billion of that to be put to youth services and underserved communities.

The city's budget is due June 30th.