An investigation is now underway after an officer was put on modified duty, following an incident on the Lower East Side over the weekend.

A violent social distancing arrest was caught on video and now has many wondering if the actions were necessary to begin with.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea told NY1 that the NYPD is reviewing multiple videos of the incident to determine the facts.

He said there were “certainly some tactics that I was not happy with, and that was really part of the decision behind the decision to modify that night,” he said.

He said for now the officer being placed on modified duty means he is off the streets and working on administrative tasks. He is also without a firearm.

“Let’s slow it down; let's get all the facts," said Shea.

The arrest happened during a more active weekend for New Yorkers as temperatures grew warmer. Shea said “in a few areas there was probably too many people out--to be frank.”

Over 70 social distancing summonses were issued between Saturday and Sunday.

Shea named social distancing a challenge for officers whenever they encounter the public--whether for an arrest, to issue a summons or to help someone.

“It’s tough to practice social distancing when you’re interacting with people,” he said.

Shea said the NYPD is taking precautions like wearing masks.