NEW YORK - The invitation for the planned Labor Day Weekend Wedding of Shannon Saks and David Penn is a potpourri of the things that are important to the couple, designed by David himself.

But sadly, the pair, who were engaged in February 2019, don't have a good feeling that the planned nuptials a the Greenpoint Loft are  going to happen. They fear coronavirus and related restrictions will make it impossible for the event to take place.

"It's unlikely that a large grouping of people will be able to get together and celebrate," Saks said.

Not to mention David's family would be traveling from England and other folks from around the country. So the couple are looking into the idea of getting married via video instead of waiting for another date.


Governor Andrew Cuomo hopes to make such video weddings easier to do. He plans to sign an executive order allowing couples to get marriage licenses remotely, and allowing officiants to marry New Yorkers using online streaming platforms like Zoom.

Lauren Kay of The Knot wedding magazine and website says their surveys show many couples have postponed weddings until later this year or next year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Really the idea of getting married via Zoom is so that they can take back their date, it's not replacing a wedding reception, it's just a way for them to do what they set out to do, exchange vows on that wedding day and keep it special," Kay said.

Kay says there are ways to personalize a Zoom wedding.

"If you are able to invite some of your close friends and family that's a great thing to do, they can be there to celebrate with you, maybe even offer toasts," Kay said.

In the case of Shannon and David, the Downtown Brooklyn-based couple hope the city will get going on this as soon as possible. 

“We're just trying to keep our chins up really, just trying to do things to kind of keep our spirits up," Penn said.

The pair are NY1 viewers, and heard that none other than Pat Kiernan would be able to legally marry them since he is a certified officiant. So they are putting their bid in to have Pat virtually marry them.

"Of course, why not, I love Pat, and I've been watching NY1 Forever," Saks said.

As Shannon put it, she doesn't want a mask in her wedding photos.