NEW YORK - Losing one relative is bad enough, but it’s been heartbreak three times over for one family.

Amanda Calderon lost three of her grandparents in one week due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Calderon said it’s been devastating for her and her parents.

“I would love to just go home to my parents and cook for them and be with them. You don’t realize how it helps to just cry on someone you love when you are grieving. It has been really difficult grieving without other people," Calderon said.

Calderon lives in Brooklyn and her parents now live in Putnam County. She said her paternal grandparents, Miguel and Emilia Calderon, tested positive for COVID-19. 

Mr. Calderon died on April 6 in Manhattan. Her maternal grandparents, Pedro and Nereida Muniz, who were living in Louisiana, which has also be hard hit by the virus, died on April 8 and 12. 

“We saw one grandpa going on oxygen, then my other grandpa went on oxygen," Calderon said.

Her grandparents in Louisiana were not tested, but her granddad had the tell-tale signs of the virus, she said. 

Her grandmother did not have symptoms, but suffered from advanced Alzheimer’s and died four days after her husband.

"It has been really hard for my parents. We haven’t be able to be together. We could not go to see my grandparents when we knew they were ailing. All we can do is FaceTime," Calderon said.

Both elderly couples were longtime New Yorkers, were married for 67 years, and lived in nursing homes. Emilda Calderon appears to be recovering from the virus, but her heart will forever be broken after the death of her husband, a Korean War veteran. 

“The family’s plan is to, when we are all able to be together, when we are able to travel, we will all go down to Puert Rico and take everyone’s ashes with us and bring them all there. All of them wanted to go to Puerto Rico,” said Amanda Calderon.

She’s hoping one day soon the family will be able to do this. But, it’s unclear when that day will happen and when the pandemic will be over.

Calderon looks forward to reuniting with her parents and other loved ones so they can mourn and honor her grandparents together.