On Sunday afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a bipartisan effort, he's asking the federal government for $500 billion in aid to states.

Cuomo said the number of hospitalizations for coronavirus continue to decline, but the number of deaths is statistically flat.

As of 5 P.M. Saturday, New York City's death toll from the virus is 5,742, according to city officials. There have been 98,715 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the city, and an estimated 27,457 hospitalizations, according to officials.

758 people lost their lives in the last 24 hours, for a total of 9,385 deaths so far.

The Governor plans to issue a new executive order requiring employers to provide face covering for essential employees.

On school closures, the Governor doubled down on his position that Mayor de Blasio does not have the authority to close them down for the remainder of the school year.



Cuomo said there needs to be a regional approach among the City, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties and ideally New Jersey and Connecticut.

He said, you can’t reopen the economy without reopening schools and that is decision that needs to be made with regional coordination.