As Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday signed an executive order for New Yorkers to put a pause on regular activities, it seems a lot of people need a “pause” from quarantine.


“I cannot maintain 24/7 in my apartment. Gotta get outside a little bit,” said one New Yorker.

Droves of people packed Pier 46 at Hudson River Park on Friday, biking, running, playing sports, and working out as temperatures peaked in the 70s on the first full day of spring.

“It’s a little bit concerning. I think the sun tempted us all out of our houses today,” said one New Yorker.

Officials are not prohibiting people from going outdoors, but they are encouraging New Yorkers to stay home as much as possible and go outside only for certain reasons, including “solitary exercise.”

They say anyone outdoors should practice social distancing and stay at least six feet away from others.

During a news conference Friday, Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed the possibility of parks getting too crowded, as more people search for alternatives to shuttered gyms. He said once people get their workout in, they should go home.

“The goal is to not kick anyone out, but the goal is space them out and make sure people don’t linger too long,” he said.

The NYPD is not expected to issue summonses for those who violate the “PAUSE” order, which officially takes effect Sunday evening, but police are expected to break up gatherings that they deem unsafe.



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