When is Election Day?

Tuesday, November 3.

You can vote in the races for:

  • President
  • The U.S. House of Representatives
  • The New York State Assembly and New York State Senate
  • Queens borough president, for the remainder of Melinda Katz's term. NOTE: Only for registered voters in Queens.

Can I vote without having to go to a poll site in person?

Yes, New Yorkers are encouraged to vote absentee because of the coronavirus pandemic. Voters can apply online at nycabsentee.com.

The “temporary illness” category has been expanded to cover voters affected by COVID-19 or facing the potential of contracting it.

Absentee ballots must be postmarked by November 3 and reach the Board of Elections no later than seven days after the election to be counted. No plans have been confirmed at this time to extend the postmark date, as was the case in the June primary.

You can also drop off your signed absentee ballot at:

  • An early voting poll site between October 24 and November 1
  • A poll site on November 3 by 9 p.m.
  • Your local Board of Elections Office no later than November 3 by 9 p.m.

If you drop off your absentee ballot at a poll site or at a local Board of Elections office, it does not require postage, but the BOE recommends two stamps if you mail it to ensure it has enough postage.

What if I still want to vote in person?

Poll sites will still be open across the city.

Hours are different if you are voting early. New York’s early voting period begins October 24 and lasts through November 1.

If you would like to vote in person, doing so during this time allows for voter traffic to be spread out so there are fewer people at polling places on Election Day.

Workers at voting sites will take precautions to keep themselves and voters safe. They’ll be social distancing, wearing masks, and disinfecting when and where they can. If you go to vote, you should do the same.

Because of expanded absentee voting, some winners may not be announced until days or weeks after Election Day.

The winner of these general elections will be elected to office.

How do I register to vote in New York State?

  • You can register in person at your county Board of Elections. There is one in each borough – The BronxNew York (Manhattan), Richmond (Staten Island), Queens and Kings (Brooklyn).
  • You can also apply to register to vote at a host of New York State agency offices. See a full list.
  • You can request that a voter registration application form be mailed to you on the state Board of Elections website, or you can call 1-800-FOR-VOTE.
    - You can submit that voter application form to your local DMV. You can also register to vote on the DMV website if you already have a DMV-issued ID, such as a driver's license.
  • The state Board of Elections website makes a registration form available on its website. It can be either filled out on a computer and then printed out, or it can be printed and filled out by hand. Once filled out, it must be mailed to your county Board of Elections.
  • City residents can also call 1-866-VOTE-NYC to request a mail registration application.

If you move, you should notify the Board of Elections immediately. A state law requires a New Yorker to notify the BOE within 25 days of an address change to preserve their voting rights.

For more information on registering to vote, see the BOE’s website.

To find out if you’re registered to vote, click here.

When is the last day I can register to vote before the election?

The New York State voter registration form should have been mailed or delivered in person by October 9, 2020.

How to I find my poll site, and find out what's on my ballot?

Check the Board of Elections website, or use the tool below:



This poll site locator tells voters where their poll site is located based on their address. (They need to be registered to vote at the address they search.)

Once you search for your address, a list of upcoming races comes up.

I am not enrolled in a political party. Can I vote in the election?

Yes, unlike the closed primaries in June, any registered voter can vote in the general election.