If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, where on earth are these furry friends from?

At this year’s NY Pet Fashion Show the theme was sci-fi space travel, so of course the looks on the animals and their humans were out of this world.

"This is a very fun event you can see amazing dogs in amazing clothes," said one attendee.

"It's a great event. We get all crazy a lot of us are animal rescue people. This is Spencer and he's a rocket ship," said another.

The show raises money for several rescue groups around the city. When it first started 17 years ago, the extra furry fashions were meant to change people’s concept of strays.

These days of course rescue animals are the first choice for many looking for a pet, but the event continues to raise awareness, funds, and the roof with its rollicking runway.

"The costumes this year are probably the most unique out there. Spatial star trek star gates and people have out done themselves this year. It's incredible, probably better than anything they’re doing at fashion week right now," said the event organizer, Gregg Oehler.

Some in the pet fashion world bring their own rescues for a strut down the catwalk, but many of these pups are up for adoption and looking for their forever home.

"The more dogs that they find homes, the more we can help the other that don't have, so making people happy and saving lives what can be better?” said Ada Nieves, Co-chair and Creative Director of the NYPFS.

I’m walking the runway with ‘Squeaky’ who’s dressed like the alien cyborgs in the TV Show ‘Dr. Who,’ and my very own space cadets, my kids.

Squeaky and all the martians did great. And while it's true that the well-primped pooches always dominate the night, there’s always an unexpected model, including a turtle and even a pig. Both are not up for adoption, but are just there for the party.