NEW YORK - Travis Nesbitt took his lifelong passion for bands like the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync and created the Boy Band Project in 2014, a tribute show with a rotating cast of friends who like him are Broadway performers and boy band fans.

"I was obsessed and just wanted to do more," Nesbitt recalled.

"For me music with harmonies is always the most fun to perform," said Jamison Scott, a performer.

The Boy Band Project performed in the city and around the world drawing rave reviews. Last year, they began appearing twice a month drawing large crowds with the Boy Band Brunch at The Green Room 42 on 42nd Street. But fans were hungry for more. So now Boy Band Project is serving up their brunch every Sunday.

The shows celebrate and poke a little fun at the genre. 

"We don't take ourselves too serious that's how we have fun because we know if we have fun the audience has fun," Travis said at a recent rehearsal and performance.
Fans say they love the energy that the boys bring to the show and their voices. In fact, the real problem here is that these pros may sing and dance better than some of the originals.
Daniel LeClaire admits it might be true.

"When you do musical theater you're pretty much training to be the best of the best. You have to train your voice, your body your mind, and this really comes into play with boy band," he said.

And like the 90's bands that inspired them, each guy has a role to play. Bentley Black is the sporty one. Jamison is the sensitive one. Daniel is AJ, the bad boy. And that leaves Travis, or Justin Timberlake - the boy next door.

Yes it's soooo 90's, but that cheesy campy over-the-top vibe is what brings the fans out.

Admission starts at $22 plus brunch. For more information, visit