It's not just the calendar that changes at this time of year. This is the time when New Year's Eve approaches.

Many of us resolve to be better in the weeks and months ahead, from losing weight and eating healthier, to saving more money.

So, I hit the streets of NYC and asked people, "what are your life goals for 2020?"

"Spend more time with my family."


"For 2020 I am thinking about living more in the moment."

"To travel more," and "be less busy," are just some of what I heard.

Perhaps the most common answers were happiness, health and lose weight.

About half of us of us make resolutions this time of year, but studies show less than 10% of us keep them.

Perhaps if we all had the determination of Marta Sanders who belted out her resolution "to sing on Broadway!"

We even asked Mr. New Year's Eve himself, Tim Tomkins, who helps organize the Ball drop, if he makes resolutions. "My New Year’s resolution both for myself and the world, be a little less mean and a little more love," he told us.

Nearly everyone we talked to had some sort of New Year’s resolution but few if any had a plan how to achieve it so we talked to the experts for some advice.

Rachel Berman is a Registered Dietician and General Manager at VeryWell.

“Too often people focus on the negative aspects of their resolutions, what they should take away. But I like to focus on the positive things what they should add to their diet to be more nutritious and filling, add foods that are high in protein and fiber. Chicken, broccoli, sweet potato, nuts, some yogurt,” Berman said.

Trainer and Instructor at Neou Streaming Fitness, Christi Marraccini says moderation is important to keep all those fitness resolutions, too.

"I think what a lot of people do wrong when creating their fitness New Year’s resolution is they aim too high and they want to get it all done in the first month. So I think people just need to scale down a little bit, set short term goals," said Marraccini.

That's advice fit for any resolution: Make plan, pace yourself and keep it positive.