It's Christmas Day, and people from across the world and New York City are celebrating their faith with Christmas mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Crowds of people packed one of the world's most famous Catholic landmarks for prayer, reflection, and song Wednesday. The cathedral hosted mass throughout the day.

"I love the idea that you see the beautiful chorus, the choir, and the people are just so happy to be here," one worshiper said.

For many of the tourists who attended mass, it was part of the experience of celebrating Christmas in the city.

"I love the vibe, just how alive everybody is," one said.

On a quiet, crisp Christmas, the line to get in wrapped around the corner all morning and into the afternoon. As in previous years, heavily armed police officers stood guard to keep things running safely and smoothly.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan welcomed worshippers, including Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, to the annual midnight mass earlier Wednesday.

In his sermon, Dolan spoke of the significance of midnight and how it can signal renewal and hope.

"Midnight tells us we are at the start of a new day. The old day has passed. That daily hint of a fresh start, a new chapter, yet another chance," Dolan said. "It's god's gift of hope and renewal that's unwrapped each midnight."

Tickets for midnight mass were given out by lottery.