These kids just received a brand new book to read at bedtime, but there is more on the way. A new pair of pajamas to keep them warm at night.

It's a reading party at the newly renovated Pajama Program Reading center in Midtown, which hosts children from schools and organizations from all over the city.

The organization that gets new pajamas and books to children in homeless shelters and transitional housing moved their office staff to another location to make more room for these popular sessions, pairing up kids with volunteers who read to them.   

"We really found that with the bigger space, we are able to accept more children here, and also our waiting list is growing longer and longer every single day and so really the whole point is to get as many kids in here as possible," said Chrissie Martinez, Senior Program Manager, Pajama Program.

Pajama Program was founded 18 years ago by Marketing Executive Genevieve Piturro, who was reading to children at a shelter and noticed they were sleeping in their clothes, one little girl asking her, what are pajamas?

Since then, the organization has collected millions of pairs of pajamas and books for kids in shelters and temporary housing. The philosophy is: every child has the right to a good night's sleep.

At the reading center, the kids spend time with volunteers reading; afterwards they are presented with a new book chosen by them, and new pajamas. Pajama Program needs pajamas of all sizes, but don't forget the older children and teens in shelters, which are sometimes overlooked.

"It's very sweet and cute to buy little size 3T pajamas, but I definitely have 60, 70 teenagers who come in here every single school year, so we need pajamas for them too," said Martinez.

Pajama Program is also looking for cash donations so they can bring more kids to this newly renovated reading center.

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