NEW YORK - Days after a video of NYPD officers arresting a woman selling churros in the subway went viral, a similar video is gaining attention online.

It shows a guy selling candy being arrested at the Lexington Avenue line's 125th Street station in Harlem on Tuesday with one bystander saying he was not read his rights.

The video was shared on Twitter by the activist group DecolonizeThisPlace.

Police say they tried to issue the man a summons for a transit violation for selling without the proper permits.

He was taken into custody after police say he failed to comply and refused to show identification.

The man, identified as Byron Shark, 26, has now been charged with obstructing governmental administration.

There has been a spike in recent arrests amid backlash to Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to send 500 more police officers into the subway system to deal with fare evasion.