With flag bearers leading the way, about a hundred veterans and supporters gave thanks to those who served in an honor ruck.

"Rucking is carrying weight over distance, when you do it as a group, that’s social fitness," said Mark Otto, Executive Director of the United War Veterans Council and a former Marine.

It's a new sport that draws inspiration for the military ruck sack.

"When you’re a veteran you learn what a ruck sack is, it’s like your home. It’s where you carry everything you need on your back," said Jason Mccarthy, Founder of Go Ruck.

The event allowed for a chance to get veterans and civilians together ahead of the Veterans Day parade Monday, while also stopping by the city's war memorials of each generation.

"Carrying weight on our back what’s better than that? While honoring our favorite vets,“ said Bobby Nabeyama.

It's one way to reflect on that service, while feeling the weight on your shoulders.

"Each one of these steps I guess you could say it pays for the memory of those that have gone before me," said Veteran Clifford Bruton.

"So drawing inspiration from that service, that military service, but it makes it accessible to all and that’s what we’re about building a bridge between the military and the civilian worlds, and there’s no better place to do that than in new York city during the veterans day parade weekend," said Mccarthy.

This is the third honor ruck march by the United War Veterans council, which hosts the New York City Veterans Day parade. Organizers say the smaller event, is a more casual way to celebrate veterans ahead of the more formal parade while rallying people to attend.

"I hope everybody takes a moment especially on Monday to thank a service member and really realize what they go through to preserve your freedom," said Deb green, a military spouse.

The centennial New York City Veterans Day opening ceremony begins Monday at 11 a.m. on 5th avenue near Madison Square Park.