“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!”

Outside the Wintergarden Theater, you don't have to say his name three times for Beetlejuice to appear, because so many fans are coming to the Broadway show, dressed the part.  

“We really, really, love the show, and we're costume fans to begin with. Halloween is my favorite time of year,” said Dylan Belpanno.

“I've loved theater for a long time and this show really revamped that love that I had,” said Lyndsay Schnurer.

With so many people coming dressed as characters, the show decided to hold a costume contest at every Thursday performance in October.

“I think Beetlejuice just lends itself to fun fanfare in general. So we just wanted to fan the flames,” said Kristen Rathbun, organizer of the Beetlejuice Costume Competition.

In both the hit film Beetlejuice and this musical adaptation, a Connecticut couple Barbara and Adam Maitland die unexpectedly but are stuck in their home with the new owners and their unhappy daughter Lydia.

All have to contend with the sneaky demon Beetlejuice, who appears whenever his name is said three times.

Actor Kerry Butler plays Barbara Maitlyn and loves seeing fans dressed up.

“It’s wonderful. Some people make their own costumes so I love that. I love that we're inspiring creativity,” said Kerry Butler, actor in Beetlejuice the Musical.

The other characters may be the more obvious pick, but Barbara is very popular.

Obviously accessories are very important.

Luna Mars won the costume contest on this night, and got to have her picture taken with the cast.

There's also an online competition.