NYCHA residents are protesting the privatization of public housing in Manhattan.

"Stand up fight back." 'What do we do?' "Stand up fight back,” protestors can be heard chanting.

The group gathered at Holmes Towers on the Upper East Side last night, speaking out against plans to convert public housing to private management.

This would be done under a practice called Rental Assistance Demonstration, or RAD.

"That poses a great threat to a lot of the rights that NYCHA tenants have. Ocean Bay was just recently converted through RAD and they made a whole hosts of repairs, but now Ocean Bay has also seen the highest rate of evictions throughout NYCHA," said one protester.

"You have people that lived here for over 30, 40 years and for them to suddenly have to face losing their apartments due to the Mayor's plan is unacceptable," said another.

Ocean Bay became the first NYCHA development to be converted in 2017.