A campaign to prevent infant sleeping deaths by the NYC Administration for Children's services coincides with Safe Sleep Awareness month. 

New York State recently banned crib bumper pads from being sold at stores statewide, because they could increase the risk of suffocation. 

Throughout the month of October, parents and caregivers can dispose of those bumper pads at designated ACS sites, in exchange for a wearable safe sleep sack. Health officials say this campaign is all about educating parents, and preventing infant death

“It’s very important that your newborn or your infant up to the age of one, that they sleep alone, not in your bed with you. That they sleep on their back, not on their stomach and that they’re in their crib, a safety approved crib," said Commissioner David Hansell.

According to ACS on average more than 40 babies die of sleep related injuries each year in the city. For more information on swapping locations visit: NYC.gov/safesleep