NEW YORK - As New Yorkers prepare for congestion pricing to come to the city, a new report is making some suggestions on how the plan should take shape.

The Regional Plan Association has laid out some pricing proposals aimed at keeping things as fair as possible for drivers.

Under the RPA's Flat Fee model, drivers would pay $6.12 to enter the busiest part of Manhattan between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m.

That zone would include every street south of and including 60th Street.


The RPA says it would be a two-way toll, meaning drivers would be charged entering the zone and when they exit. It would all be in an effort to discourage drivers who try to evade the congestion zone by looking for the cheapest way out, possibly through the toll free East River bridges.

On the other end of the spectrum, the High Peak Period model could charge drivers up to $9.18 during the busiest times of the morning and evening.

All pricing models suggest a $3.06 charge at night and during the day on weekends, and no charge during weekend nights.

The RPA says trucks would be charged two and a half times the amount as passenger vehicles, citing their greater traffic and pollution impact.

Drivers who use the FDR Drive and West Side Highway/Henry Hudson Parkway would not be charged a toll if they do not enter the street grid.

The RPA says taxis and for-hire vehicles would be exempt because they already pay a congestion pricing surcharge.

However, there would no other exemptions, even for emergency vehicles.

The report also includes some other ideas to make sure congestion pricing raises enough money for transit projects and reduces traffic.