Volunteers from the Greater New York Red Cross are heading south to help those in Hurricane Dorian's path.

As the storm makes its way toward the U.S., roughly 1,600 Red Cross employees and volunteers are mobilizing in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

We spoke to Jose Dominguez, the New York regional director of volunteer services, earlier today.

He is on his way to Columbia, South Carolina.

Dominguez says the volunteering process is dynamic because they don't know exactly where the storm is headed or where it will hit the hardest.

"We try to anticipate the needs of the community based on the historical values of the Red Cross and the foundations of our existence of the past 130+ years, and every single disaster is different and we learn something new every single disaster sadly," said Jose Dominguez, Regional Director of Volunteer Services for Red Cross.

Because Dorian is predicted to head inland, the storm is expected to bring intense flooding.