NEW YORK - Lori Kaplan calls herself the "Fairy Bra Mother".

"We make magic happen in our fitting room. Women come to us and they're puzzled by what they should be wearing underneath their clothes we help them figure it out," she said.

Kaplan founded Bra Tenders in the theater district 20 years ago, after working as a saleswoman in the women's undergarments business for two decades.

She caters to regular folks and Broadway shows looking for hard-to-find pieces.

"Like in the Hamiltons they need these hosiery socks and black and white because men wore britches nobody makes socks for britches anymore," said Kaplan. "Garter belts and open bottom girdles and all in one stockings with seams. we can't stock enough granny panties."

Yes, a lot of shows need granny panties.

Kaplan has worked with some of the most popular Broadway productions over the years, like "Wicked" and "Mean Girls", and also provides undergarments for TV and movie shoots.

"Being part of the theater community is what originally attracted me. it's a community of generous caring kind creative upbeat fun people," Kaplan said.

There is a reason why Kaplan is known as the Bra Magician. She can transform the way women look. One of her secrets: Shapewear.

"We sell a lot of these for TV and movies and shows and it's a booty enhancer it is a bike short that has a specially shaped pad inserted into it," Kaplan said.

After fitting thousands of women over the years, Kaplan has become kind of a lingerie doctor, able to size up prescribe the right bras for her clients.  

Fans include performers like Bette Midler, Gloria Estefan, Brooke Shields and Patti Lupone.

Kaplan says with so many suppliers closing her business faces enormous challenges. But she believes there will always be market for her expertise.