Men and women from across the NYPD left the uniforms at home when they gathered to settle an important question: who is the fittest of the finest?

The NYPD held its second annual Fittest of the Finest competition at CrossFit of South Brooklyn. 

"We wanted to do this year again, but we wanted to bring it to a bigger stage," said Lieutenant Ronald Perez of the NYPD.

The competition tripled in the number of participants from last year to more than 100 vying for the title. 

Two winners, one man and one woman, are selected after a series of crossfit challenges that push each athlete to their limit. 

"Wall balls are hard for me," said NYPD Officer Kristen Boyle.

"Even if you haven't done CrossFit, you've probably heard of burpees. They say Satan himself created burpees," said NYPD Sergeant Vincent Florez.

Competitors proved their strength and determination by deadlifting 155-pound barbells, hurling 20-pound medicine balls against a wall, dropping their bodies to the ground for burpees, cycling on a resistance bike to burn 50 calories, and carrying 106 pounds across 300 feet of pavement. 

Members of the NYPD say they aren’t here to win the title. They're here to support one another and celebrate good physical and mental health. 

"This whole thing is about getting cops to start being more mindful about their health," Perez said.

"We always promote fitness in the department," said NYPD Officer Christine Galgano. "It's good for mental health. It's good when we're on the job and we have to run after people."

While the competition is stiff, there's no question that these athletes and officers are competing with each other, not against. 

"We're all a brotherhood," Florez said. "It doesn't matter what color you are, where you came from, what sex you are. It just brings everyone together. That's the great thing about today."

"You don’t know who's a boss, who is not a boss. Everyone is coming together to support each other, and it's great to step away from the job," Galgano said.