Father Chris Piasta is not your typical Roman Catholic priest. For starters, he usually wears a polo shirt and jeans rather than a priest's collar and clerical clothing.

He's assigned to the Roman Catholic chapel at JFK Airport, Our Lady of the Skies, which is located in a wing of Terminal 4 alongside a mosque, synagogue and Protestant chapel.

Anyone can visit the chapel, making Father Piasta's congregation one of a kind.

"Number-wise, it's 40,000 employees, 62 million passengers. We don't ask, 'What is your religion?' We ask how can we help,” said Piasta.

Piasta holds Mass five times a week for three or four people most days, and for as many as 100 on holidays like Ash Wednesday. But Piasta said he meets with most of his congregants while making regular rounds through the airport.

"I still engage in a lot of relationships with employees for example because they are coming here they are not leaving their problems home but they are bringing them here to work,” said Piasta.

A spokesperson for the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, which oversees Our Lady of the Skies, said Father Piasta's work may not be traditional, but it is very important.

"This is like a little respite to it all, and it's not just for New Yorkers, obviously, but for travelers from around the world and to all the airport workers,” said Adriana Rodriguez, the press secretary for the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.

The chapel may only be 22 by 24 feet, but they can perform all seven sacraments there.

"Baptisms, confirmations, first communions, RCIA, weddings. You name it, we have it here," said Piasta.

Our Lady of the Skies is Father Piasta's most visible assignment, but it's not his only one. He also leads Mass at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in South Jamaica. He lives in its rectory.

"It's like two lives, basically. Over there, I have the community," said Piasta. "But here, I like the unknown because every day brings something completely new."

When we visited, Father Piasta was preparing for a trip to the Vatican to join with dozens of airport chaplains from around the world in a meeting with Pope Francis. One benefit of his job is that he won't have to travel far to catch his flight.

Father Piasta said he welcomes anyone who would like to volunteer at the chapel. For more information, you can call or text 718-656-5348 or email chaplain@jfkchapel.org.