NEW YORK - At one end of the atrium in a Midtown skyscraper, you'll find a unique store — the only bookshop anywhere devoted to Winston Churchill.

"We get Churchill people from all over the world," owner Barry Singer said.

Barry Singer owns Chartwell Booksellers on East 52nd Street, a place packed with all things Churchill, the cigar-chomping, champagne-drinking British statesman, army officer, and writer whose finest hour was leading the United Kingdom during World War II.

"I think that Churchill's leadership and his sense of morality and decency as a leader appeal to people today more than ever," Singer said.

Singer opened Chartwell 36 years ago, when the building's literature-loving developer offered to underwrite a book shop if he'd run it.

"His only request, otherwise it was hands-off, he loved Churchill, could we call it Chartwell, which was Churchill's home. Chartwell Booksellers had a nice ring to it," Singer said.

At first, it was a general interest book shop with a handful of Churchill books.

"What I discovered very quickly was there was a passionate interest in Churchill, so I steered the store increasingly toward Churchill -- rare Churchill, signed Churchill, expensive Churchill," Singer said.

Serious collectors can find handwritten letters from Churchill, or the shop's most rare item, kept in a safe, a copy of the pamphlet "For Free Trade."

"Very few of them survived, I've only seen it two or three times in 36 years and it's yours for $185,000," Singer said.

There's plenty of other material. Churchill himself wrote 42 books. And the shop is well-stocked with biographies delving into a leader whose life story that remains remarkably relevant.

"Churchill lost five elections in the course of his career. His career was wildly up and down, he was tremendously resilient," Singer said.

Thanks to recent portrayals like Netflix's "The Crown" and the 2017 film "Darkest Hour," Churchill is finding new admirers, and Singer is finding new customers.

"It feels like it can go on. It's got legs," Singer said.

Fans of Churchill can browse the shelves at Chartwell Books Monday through Friday, from 10 to 6 p.m.