Since Barclays Center opened, its basketball and hockey teams, the Nets and the Islanders, have often struggled for attention.

In some ways, they've toiled in the shadow of Madison Square Garden and its storied franchises, the Knicks and the Rangers.

But this spring, the tables are turned. The Nets and the Islanders are in the playoffs, while the Garden, which calls itself the World's Most Famous Arena, is dark for a second postseason in a row.

"The postseason, you don’t really have to sell that, right? It sells itself. People love to be part of the postseason," said Matthew Felker, General Manager of Barclays Center.

This is the Nets' first trip to the playoffs since 2015. This this also the first time the Nets and Islanders have been in the postseason at the same time since they moved to Barclays.

"To finally see the Barclays Center alive and people jumping up and down waving their rally towels, it's a beautiful thing to see," said Anthony Puccio, reporter for NetsDaily.

Certainly a beautiful thing for Nets and Islanders fans, who are happy to do a little gloating.

"This is no discredit to the Knicks, but obviously, there is this dysfunction from the ownership down, and it shows me they don't have a strong culture, a strong work environment. Players don't really draw there right now because of what's going on there," said Puccio.

Stefan Bondy usually covers the Knicks for the Daily News. Monday, he was in Brooklyn.

"The Nets are in the playoffs. The Knicks are not. So they switched me over to cover the Nets.  In terms of the Knicks, it's nothing new. They've missed the playoffs for five straight years. It's not just that they missed the playoffs. They had the worst record in the NBA,: said Bondy.

The Nets are down 3 games to 1 in their first-round matchup versus Philadelphia, but they were not even expected to make the playoffs. The Islanders are waiting to see who they play next after easily winning their first-round series.

Barclays has the hard court down now, but the ice underneath is ready for a quick conversion.

"We have crews on standby, and we could flip into hockey tomorrow night or any night this week," said Felker.

He says they need just eight hours to turn the arena into a hockey or basketball postseason spectacular.

No matter the sport this spring, Barclays is where the action is.