It’s a shuffle New Yorkers know all too well...

Moving vehicles in order to be in compliance with the city’s alternate side parking rule. 

But for residents in parts of Astoria the practice is unfamiliar.

“Because we live on a one way street there is no alternate side parking,” said  Stefano Kalgirou.

What sounds like a dream come true for drivers has become a nuisance for residents.

For the last two decades the Old Astoria Neighborhood Association has been trying to bring the parking regulations to nearly twenty blocks in the area. 

“Both for issues of cleanliness also to make sure cars are not parked for extended periods of time,” Richard Khuzami the President, Old Astoria Neighborhood Association.

Residents say two motorcycles have been left on 25th road since last August. 

“They also leave cars and they accumulate a lot of dirt and when it snows we can’t clean the snow,“ added Kalgirou.

While those street sweepers would be a welcome sight for some, not all are happy with the proposed changes.

“It’s kinda hard to find parking where I live so alternate side parking wouldn’t be good for ya right now," said Christina Douglas

The Department of Sanitation says they have been working with the community on a plan that would include alternate side parking twice a week on some streets for street cleaning. 

The proposed plan still has to be approved by the community board.