A Queens baker with autism is teaming up with local coffee company Autism Awareness Month.

Julia Maidman, 20, has a passion for baking and helping others who also have autism. She whipped her two passions together by teaming up with COFFEED in order to bake more than 5,000 chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. She'll have a bake sale all throughout the month of April to spread autism awareness. A dozen cookies will cost about 30 dollars and the proceeds will benefit "Next for Autism," a nonprofit that creates and supports innovative programs for individuals with autism.

“It become more of a community effort so to speak. And it's something that she loves to do and our hope is that in the future she will have a career in cooking and more baking,” said Arlene Maidman, Julia's mother.

Julia’s cookies are available for sale through April at Coffeed locations throughout the city, and online at www.juliascookies.org