NEW YORK - Brandon Berman and Harrison Forman are the two comedians behind UpDating, a comedy show that puts people on blind dates in front of an audience at the Chelsea Music Hall.

"People are deleting Tinder, Bumble all these dating apps to come to Updating. Which is crazy. People are ready to meet in real life," Forman said.

The creators said UpDating is a unique opportunity to learn about your dating habits from other people.

 “The actual date is fully authentic.  Everything that happens is real and you don't know what will happen next," said Berman. 

"I'm not good at dating I'm not good at all and even hosting I'm like let me write this down in my phone," Berman said.

During the show, David Wheeler who is in finance and Leisel Kober who works as a technical director at NY1 were paired up.

"I do a lot of dating in New York.  And when I got this opportunity I was like why not why wouldn’t I do this," Kober said.

"This is a little different of an experience, so I feel whether I meet her in stage or in the crowd or I meet some cool people I wouldn't have met otherwise, “said Wheeler.

As the daters were in the hot seat, members of the audience could send questions to the couple through Instagram or ask the questions themselves.

The audience got a chance to decide the fate of the date by filling out a poll online.

It turned out, Leisel got the boot.

The creators said the open environment of the show does achieve one thing.

"So many people go on these first dates and they don't get any feedback," Forman said. “And members of the audience appreciate getting an up close and personal look at someone else's date.”

"This changes the game.  I think it gets people excited about dating again," Mike Davis, a member of the audience said.

UpDating has shows for gay singles and plans to expand to different age groups.