The power is back on in Queens, but New Yorkers are still spooked after last night's fire at a Con Edison plant made the sky light up bright blue.

Con Ed is calling the lightshow a "sustained electrical arc flash."

They're blaming it on equipment failure at its substation in Astoria that happened around 9 pm.

The light was visible from all five boroughs and parts of New Jersey.

"It's hard to fathom what could cause such a thing. It actually looked like the light was coming from above the clouds which I guess is what alarmed a lot of people. 'It looked like Independence Day' when the crafts are coming down. But I threw on a coat, ran over to the site to find out what's going on. The NYPD and FDNY were already here doing their jobs," Democratic State Senator Michael Gianaris said.

Riker's Island and LaGuardia Airport lost power, forcing the transit hub to temporarily ground all flights, while some were diverted.

"They're not letting any of the traffic go in, but at the same time they're not telling us what to do. There's no one there instructing us as to whether or not we should stay there and wait five, fifteen minutes or if we should walk out here so eventually, everyone just left," one resident said.

Officials say the affected equipment was contained to a small area of the substation on 20th Avenue and 32nd Street.

No injuries were reported.