Parts of New York City were hit by heavy rain Tuesday afternoon as remnants from Hurricane Florence moved through the five boroughs.

Tuesday was the second-wettest day of the summer, and the wettest day in more than a month, in some parts of the city.

A daily record for rainfall on September 18 was set at LaGuardia Airport. 1.9 inches of rain fell there.





The amount of rain, and the speed at which it moved through the five boroughs, led to flooding in city streets and caused delays on some roadways.



Flooding also made its way into the subway system. Tracks, and stations, filled with water.
Conditions were not treacherous in the subway solely for humans, either. Reddit user JacksonCheeseburger shared video of a rat in a subway station taking refuge from the water.

The rain had mostly cleared out of the NYC area by 5 p.m. Tuesday.
Temperatures were expected to reach the low- to mid-70s through Tuesday night.