Brooklyn residents now have a new option for transportation.

Revel Transit launched the city's first electric moped-sharing service in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick. 

To rent a moped, riders must have the "Revel" app and a valid driver's license.

They also must pay a one-time fee of $25 to join, which covers insurance and a background check. 

The service costs $4 for the first 20 minutes. Then, every minute after that costs 25 cents if you're moving or stopped in traffic, or 5 cents per minute to park or pause.

Officials say this gives residents a transportation alternative, especially considering many of them will be impacted by the "L" train shutdown.  

"That transportation option has to be affordable, which we are about a dollar more than a subway ride, so we definitely fix that ticket. It needs to be easy to use, it needs to be delay-free and it needs to be emissions free. // We have bike share, we have car share, we have public transit, but we do not have electric mopeds and we believe that is a missing link."

Riders can only use the mopeds in certain areas. They will face a fine if they go beyond that.