Oneatha Swinton is the interim acting principal of Port Richmond High School.

Sources tell NY1 that when she arrived at work Friday, Swinton simply went about her business, not letting on that she was arrested Thursday in Pennsylvania on four counts of insurance fraud. 

It was known for months that Swinton was under criminal investigation. But she also had powerful allies.

"There's an investigation going on, and I'm sure that it will be handled, and whatever the outcome of that is, will be," City Councilwoman Debi Rose said on June 6. "The other part is is questioning whether she is a good educator." 

Swinton was charged with falsely claiming residency in Pennsylvania to obtain lower auto insurance rates.

Investigators say she obtained a Pennsylvania driver's license by claiming residency at the Pennsylvania address of a former city Education Department contractor, Tanya John. Using that license, she allegedly registered two Lexus vehicles in Pennsylvania. enabling her to pay less for auto insurance than on Staten Island, where she lives..

John was also charged with insurance fraud and conspiracy.

Although Swinton has pleaded not guilty, parents and teachers have long clamored for her removal, calling her a bad apple. 

"My question again, why is Ms. Swinton still here? Why are our children being supervised by an administrator who clearly has a dubious reputation and countless allegations against her?" parent Laura Calamuci said on December 4 of last year.

Swinton is also being investigated by the Education Department's Office of Special Investigation. Critics say she approved more than $400,000 in spending on unnecessary positions for her friends and inflated grades to boost graduation rates.

Parents and teachers say they also have filed complaints with the governor's office, which referred them to the state Education Department.

Swinton was released on $5,000 bail and is due back in court August 15. In the meantime, the DOE says she will remain in her post as interim acting principal while it reviews the charges. It is not clear how long that could take.