Most areas of Central Park will go car-free this summer. 

The plan will go into effect at the end of June, banning cars on several park drives below 72nd Street.

Motorists still will be able to use the four crosstown transverses through the park at 97th, 86th, 79th and 65th streets. 

Sources say a plan to force horse-drawn carriages that line Central Park South to move into the park nearby will be coming at a later date.

New Yorkers who spoke with NY1 say they fully support the city's move, and that it will make the park safer for everyone. 

"Drivers don't respect bikers. Bikers don't respect drivers. So now we'll be separated," said one park goer.

"It's a good idea. It'll allow people and pedestrians to utilize the park in a better way," said another park goer.

The city conducted studies for several months on the impact to traffic before it decided on the changes.