A city as large and historic as New York City has a numerous amount of iconic landmarks that attract tourists from around the world. But how many of them have been visited by locals?

Our Jamie Stelter and Pat Kiernan posed the question on social media to native New Yorkers - what New York City place or attraction are you most embarrassed to admit you've never been to?

Some New Yorkers' choices were local icons. Others are known worldwide. Here's a sampling of the responses:

Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty may be the most well-known New York City icon of all. Known as a worldwide symbol of freedom, it's stood in New York Harbor since the late 19th Century, a gift from the French. But several New Yorkers (including some of our reporters) said they'd never been.

Even actress Dana Delany - who was in a movie about Lady Liberty's construction - says she's never been to the real thing.

Maybe the revelation will inspire a group of New Yorkers to make their first trip together?

Top of the Empire State Building

The third-tallest building in New York City is also a worldwide tourist destination. It's been around for a while now, too - King Kong scaled it all the way back in 1933. But taking in the view from the top of the Empire State Building was another popular choice among New Yorkers for an attraction they have never visited.

Baseball stadiums

New York City is home to two professional baseball teams - the Mets and the Yankees. Each team has a minor league affiliate that plays in the city - the Brooklyn Cyclones (Mets) and the Staten Island Yankees. 

Jamie has been to the old Yankee Stadium - but she hasn't been to the new one since it opened in 2009.


Pat has never been to either minor league stadium for a Cyclones or Staten Island Yankees game.

Several New Yorkers encouraged Pat to attend a Cyclones game in Coney Island.


Other New Yorkers confessed that they haven't been to Coney Island at all - despite it containing local icons like the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone.

So if you're a native New Yorker and you've never been to one of the city's most iconic places, you're not alone. Chances are many New Yorkers haven't, either.