A new kind of train rolled out in Brooklyn Thursday morning.

The first ever "bike train" is a collective bike ride over the Williamsburg Bridge.

It's being billed as a new transportation option for residents who will be affected by the planned L train tunnel shutdown next year. 

Transportation Alternative activists are not just alerting commuters to a new form of getting to Manhattan, but want city officials to make sure they're logistically ready to handle the influx of bikers.

"I think a lot of people are just realizing now what the L Train shut down is going to mean for their lives in Brooklyn and Manhattan," said one rider.

"When you think about the actual logistics about all this, it's huge what's going to be happening and I think the more aggressive approach the city take, the better," said another rider.

Starting in April 2019, service between 14th Street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan and Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn will be suspended for 15 months. 

Crews will be repairing damage from Hurricane Sandy.