If you're looking for love this Valentine's Day, why not let someone else do your looking for you?

Meredith Golden is a matchmaker and dating coach living on the Upper West Side.

She helps New Yorkers improve their online dating game and will even do the work of swiping and chatting on their behalf.

"I think New York City is a great dating pool. There are a ton of single people. There are people here who want to genuinely meet people and get into relationships," Golden said. "On the opposite side of that, there are so many people to date, and people always will think, 'Oh there's someone better gonna come along.' They don't want to settle down. I think if you meet someone great, you have to put a little work into it."

Golden's dating app tips

1. Dating apps create opportunity but in order to benefit from them, you have to use them consistently. Start with 1 app and check it twice a day, Monday through Friday.

2. Stay off the apps on the weekend. Even if you’re amazing with the busiest life, messaging a stranger on a weekend conveys the opposite sentiment.

3. Don’t ask people what they’re looking for. It’s a dating app, enough said!

4. Don’t spend more than one week messaging back and forth without making plans.  Dating apps are a platform to connect, not the venue where the dating takes place so go out and meet IRL.

5. Try to schedule a date before switching over to text. There’s a high drop off rate when making the switch, so make plans in the app, then exchange cells.