A heartwarming Valentine's Day story in the Bronx shows love comes in all different shapes and sizes — and in all modes of transportation.

Stella, a 5-year-old living in the borough, stands on the platform at the Longwood Station every day. Her father says she waves to the operators, who then sometimes wave back and even honk as the 6 train rolls in.

On this Valentine's Day, the train came in unusually slow and approached Stella and her father.

An operator's window opened and, to Stella's surprise, she was given a box of chocolates.

The family had been trying to identify the operator to give him a full thank you for the kind gesture.

Later Wednesday, NY1 found out that Stella's Valentine was Joe Moreno of Pelham Bay.

"To the average New Yorker, we're invisible — but not to Stella!" the 47-year-old train operator told NY1.

Moreno said he was buying chocolate for his girlfriend and daughter and decided to get one for Stella as well.

Stella's father apologizes to those who may have had a slightly delayed 6 train this morning.

Joe Moreno, who has been an MTA operator for 20 years.