A meeting over proposed crosstown bike lanes turned heated Thursday night in Manhattan.

Community Board 5 was supposed to vote on the project, but wound up delaying the vote instead.

The city is seeking approval to create protected bike lanes on 26th and 29th streets from river to river.

Supporters of the lanes say bicyclists need a safe place to pedal.

But opponents say local businesses would be hurt by the removal of parking spaces.

"New York is a war between vehicles and pedestrians.  There is no room for bicycles," said one meeting attendee.

"Maybe I just won't pay our property taxes if my street is taken away from me. I think that's a very fair compromise if it goes that way," said another attendee.

"I think it's a great idea because I commute everywhere by bicycle in rain snow whatever," added a third attendee.

A new date for the board's vote has not been announced.