NEW YORK - Police Commissioner James O'Neill delivered the annual state of the NYPD address Wednesday.

O'Neill spoke before the New York City Police Foundation, a group that raises millions of dollars for police department projects every year.

Commissioner O'Neill called New York the safest big city in the world, touting the lowest crime rate the city has seen since the 1950s.

But after an impressive 2017, O'Neill says the NYPD is looking to expand on that success.

“And that’s why in 2018 we’re redoubling our efforts to complete the NYPD’s full conversion to neighborhood policing. About two-thirds of our 77 patrol precincts and neighborhood policing commands already plus all nine of our housing bureau police service areas. This year we’re expanding 12 transit districts and finishing up our precincts," O'Neill said.

The address comes after the commissioner unveiled his community policing program.

It aims to help fight crime and improve police-community relations throughout the five boroughs.