Six airlines moved to different terminals at LaGuardia Airport on Saturday as part of the airport's development project.

JetBlue and Alaska Airlines are moving from the main Terminal B to Terminal A, which is otherwise known as the Marine Terminal.

That means the Delta Shuttle is relocating from Terminal A to Terminal C and American Airlines is moving from Terminal C to Terminal B.

American Shuttle has moved from Terminal C to Terminal B.

Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines have moved from Terminal B to Terminal C for Departures and Terminal D for arrivals.

Some travelers NY1 spoke with at the airport Saturday morning said the changes have not caused them any headaches.

"They have all new signs outside. It said Terminal B in, American coming in, so we're good," one traveler said. "I guess American Airlines was in a different spot, which I didn't know, but it was only one terminal over so not a big deal."

The M60 Select Bus Service will add Terminal A to its route for both pick-ups and drop-offs, while continuing its current service to Terminals B, C, and D.

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