One of the most highly-anticipated shows of the Broadway season opened Wednesday night at the Booth Theatre, featuring Amy Schumer, Keegan-Michael Key, and other significant comedic names. NY1's Roma Torre filed the following review of the new Steve Martin comedy, "Meteor Shower."

There are several bold-faced names in "Meteor Shower." Amy Schumer, making her Broadway debut, is probably the most recognizable, but to fans paying big bucks to see Schumer, co-stars Keegan-Michael Key, Laura Benanti, and Jeremy Shamos — beware: You're about to enter the Steve Martin zone. It is a wild and, yes, crazy dimension where funny is only the half of it.

Schumer and Shamos play Corky and Norman, a suburban California couple that works awfully hard to avoid any marital discord. Every perceived slight or insensitivity is resolved with an instant hand-holding therapy session. Just pay attention to their portentous mantra: "If you don't deal with your subconscious," they say. "It will deal with you."

The year is 1993. They're expecting a pair of visitors to arrive as a meteor shower rains across the night sky. Gerald and Laura, their mysterious guests, are as extraordinary as Norman and Corky are ordinary. And once they enter, the play takes a decidedly absurdist turn. They make several entrances, in fact, repeating the scene with minor variations; all the while, the jokes are flying as the dynamic between the four turns more and more bizarre, and even sinister.

Steve Martin's quirky script is enhanced immeasurably by director Jerry Zaks's comic brilliance. He's whipped the fine cast into a laugh riot combining physical humor and expert timing that recalls the best of Martin's own sketches. And it's a visual treat thanks to the reliable magic of scenic and lighting designers Beowulf Boritt and Natasha Katz.

Amy Schumer turns out to be a natural stage actress, delivering straight and punch lines with conviction, although she's clearly at her best when unleashed at the end. Paired with the superlative veteran Jeremy Shamos, they're great fun to watch; Keegan-Michael Key, expert at doing over-the-top loudmouths, does not disappoint; and Laura Benanti is a first class comedienne — stunning to look at and stunningly funny!

Don't expect to find any big message here; "Meteor Shower" is best appreciated as a deliriously nutty 80-minute sketch featuring a starry collaboration of some of our finest comedic talents.