A landmark concert hall in Manhattan will close Thursday for a major renovation. Our Michael Scotto has the story.

On most nights of the week, the sounds of rock-and-roll echo through this room — a two-story ballroom that fits 1,500 people. For 131 years, this space has hosted some of the world's biggest musical acts, and some notable political events, too.

"It's a legendary stage that legendary artists have played at and continue to play at," said Heath Miller, Vice President of Webster Hall.

On Thursday, the stage at Webster Hall will hold its last concert before the landmark building undergoes a much-needed renovation that is expected to take a year.

An arm of AEG, a global sports and entertainment presenter and the company that runs Barclays Center, are acquiring Webster Hall's lease and will oversee the makeover.

On Monday, we went behind the marquee for an inside look at where so many musicians have performed.

"If these walls could talk, they'd be screaming," Miller said. "I mean, I've walked in on some crazy things happening here. And it was like, okay."

Webster Hall first opened in 1886, and quickly established itself as a major gathering place in the city. It hosted not only entertainment events, like concerts and its famed masquerade balls, but political rallies.

"Webster Hall was really the premiere venue for the average New Yorker who either had a gripe to pick or wanted to see a great performance or participate in a kind of party that you couldn't go to anywhere else," said Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.

It is best known for the musicians who have come through here, many of them early in their careers before they became household names.

"Elvis has played here," Miller said. "Bob Dylan has played here. U2 played here. Everyone played here at some point practically — there's very few artists that never played here

This week bands like Good Charlotte are here to say goodbye.

Until the famed venue reopens in 2018 to the music that has made it world famous.