Get a load of this take on President Trump in Midtown.

A 15-foot inflatable Trump Rat was set up at Grand Army Plaza between 58th and 60th just West of Fifth Avenue.

The blow-up piece features a long rat tail, confederate flag cufflinks, and a Russian Federation lapel pin.

Owners of the BravinLee Programs art gallery organized the protest.

They say the inflatable helps convey their feelings about the President.

"This President deserves to be ridiculed," said John Post Lee, a co-owner of the gallery. "And this is a symbol of ridicule ferociously unequipped, inept, inexperienced, with policies that are anti-American."

Organizers say they plan to keep using the Trump Rat as long as Trump is in office.

They say they hope to create more inflatables of the Trump administration in the future.