Don't take the city's beaches for granted, they just might disappear.

Authorities are acting to stop some sections of Rockaway Beach in Queens from literally getting washed away.

Erosion significantly reduced the depth of the sand at Beach 95th Street.

The shrinking section of sand filled up quickly with crowds of beachgoers soaking up the sun yesterday.

But beaches aren't just fun to visit, they also help prevent flooding in vulnerable waterfront communities.

"What’s great is people are coming down even the news is out the beaches are eroding and we’re losing sand," said Queens Assemblywoman Satcey Pheffer Amato. "Right where we’re standing there’s really no beach left, we’re right up to the dunes and it’s an emergency situation."

The Department of Parks and Recreation is protecting sand dunes with fencing and growing vegetation to stabilize them.

An Army Corps of Engineers project to build new jetties is still in the approval process.