To help keep illegal guns off the streets, the city's top cop on Thursday vowed to take the fight straight to the NYPD's main gun manufacturer. Brooklyn reporter Jeanine Ramirez has more.

Church leaders and parishioners packed the St Paul Community Baptist Church in East New York Thursday night not only to gather and pray but also as a call to action. The religious network East Brooklyn Congregations made a list of demands for their invited guest, Police Commissioner James O'Neil.

"We want guns out of our communities," said Rev. Steven Carter of East Brooklyn Congregations.

They presented a plan of action. They pointed to Glock, the company that provides the NYPD with weapons as the same provider of guns to Arrowhead Pawn Shop in Georgia where guns have been purchased and brought to New York illegally. They asked the commissioner to step up to Glock and apply pressure.

"You need to make Glock choose between the NYPD and Arrowhead and other gun stores like them. Will you meet with Glock and ask them to cut ties with Arrowhead?" said Rabbi Joel Mosbacher of the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation.

"We will meet with Glock," O'Neill stated.

That commitment was well received by the crowd.

"We asked him to take a moral position and to hold gun manufacturers accountable and he said yes," said Rev. David Brawley of East Brooklyn Congregations.

In addition to addressing issues on gun violence and criminal justice, much needed affordable housing was also on the agenda.

Demands were also made to Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer. But she was reluctant to give yes or no answers.

"Because we want to further our relationship with you and we want it to grow, we're going to give you some time to think about the answer," said Linda Boyce of East Brooklyn Congregations

After getting the attention of the commissioners, this group says meeting with  Mayor Bill de Blasio is their next goal.

"If he won't come to us, we're going to go to him," said Rev. Brawley.

They're planning for that to happen on in October on Columbus Day weekend.